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Over decades of work and play, across innumerable species, we’ve witnessed the incredible power of antecedents and consequences to shape behavior effectively and humanely. Through practice and persistence, we’ve developed skills at applying LIMA (aka Humane Hierarchy) strategies to the dogs and other non-human animals in our lives. Yet we often fall short of consistently applying these skills to humans, including ourselves. How can we use our knowledge to be more compassionate and less violent in our personal relationships and our public interactions? Can we be both kind and candid? Can we, in the words of Elizabeth Lesser, “Do no harm and take no shit”?

The Course Details

Watch three lively and intimate conversations between Marissa, Barrie, Kathy, Lynn and Chris to get an introduction to how we apply consequences and choose antecedents in ways that shape our own behavior and that of people around us in ways that aspire to be respectful and effective. Each episode is approximately 90 minutes long. In addition to these conversations, The ABCs of Everything includes downloadable resource sheets with a variety of options to expand your learning.
  • Behavior

    The first conversation explores Behavior, inviting you to be an objective observer of the things that people do and say. We typically label and judge peoples’ behaviors so quickly that there’s no time or space to consider alternative possibilities. We discuss alternatives to these knee-jerk reactions.

  • Consequences

    The second conversation explores Consequences, inviting you to notice that human behaviors are functional. Behaviors, even rude ones, occur as attempts to fulfill needs. This is a natural process; we all have needs that motivate us to act. Understanding more about the feedback the environment provides (i.e., reinforcers & punishers) gives us tools for blame-free, shame-free behavior change.

  • Antecedents

    The third conversation explores Antecedents, inviting you to notice how profoundly our surroundings and context influence our behaviors. We are remarkably sensitive to countless cues and signals in our environments, though we’re often unconscious of their influence. They inform our behavioral choices and so are another avenue for us to create learning conditions for the people in our lives--ourselves included.

Rave Reviews!

  • Lisa Arant

    "I'm so thankful to have been a part of the Come, Sit, Stay event in March. I laughed and I cried, and I felt a kinship with both the presenters and the attendees. It was a wonderful, inspiring experience."

  • Nathalie Mosbach Smith

    "Excellent conversation with some of the best dog trainers and behaviorists our industry has to offer. We covered a wide range of topics and shared personal thoughts on what was happening at the beginning of the epidemic and how it affected us personally and professionally. We were all connected by our common interests in dogs and facts."

  • Tracy Weber

    "This incredibly healing session felt like a much-needed breath of fresh air. An opportunity to feel connected in a time that otherwise feels isolated. Highly recommended!"